Exit Day Reviews


A gripping read. Laws creates a scenario that seems eerily plausible in the chaotic run-up to Brexit. He takes us on a wild ride from Stasi-era Leipzig to the dark hearts of Brussels and Westminster in the company of spies, secret police files, dodgy politicians (yes, some of them are recognisable), and Harry, an irrepressible journalist bent on preventing disaster and unable to avoid it. Brexit is the centre of this tangled web. Laws is a great storyteller who leaves us guessing right up to the last page.  Gillian M


A well-written and fast-paced thriller with many ingenious twists and turns. Laws is very well-informed and leaves us with the unsettling feeling that there could well be a sinister subtext to Brexit.  –Karl G


With British politics in meltdown as Brexit Day looms, ruthless fanatics with forgotten ambitions emerge from the European shadows.David Laws’ cliffhanging denouement throws up shock after shock as MI6 gets in on the final act. Hugely enjoyable.

Tony Boullemier (Author of The Little Book of Monarchs)


Hold on to your flying helmets, we have a new hero. Ace journalist Harry Topp will stop at nothing in his quest for the truth — and that includes crashing his Tiger Moth aeroplane in very sensitive areas.

At the time of writing there has been little or no fact about Britain’s exit from the European Union. So how about a little exciting fiction instead? This story of treachery has thrills galore, involving deadly East German Stasi agents who will stop at nothing to thwart Brexit.

Harry, despite having been rejected by his employers at The Globe newspaper, proves he is on top of his game. Using his vintage Triumph Bonneville motorcycle he chases around the English countryside fearlessly seeking the truth. This leads him to the innermost corridors of the British establishment including Downing Street and Chequers.

Added to this intoxicating cocktail of intrigue is Harry’s former lover Erika who is tied up in the web of deceit and presents him with a list of Stasi agents who are plying their undercover trade in Britain. Danger lurks at every step.

This cleverly written book is a real page turner which you will find hard to put down. But be warned — the excitement may keep you awake at night. Don’t have nightmares!  – Alastair McIntyre, Editor, Daily Drone 


A ring of spies has been infiltrated into Britain whose aim is to stop Brexit happening now – or ever. This is the theme of David Laws’ new novel Exit Day which treats the reader to a feast of conspiracy, chaos and treachery.

The unlikely hero of the story is journalist Harry Topp who, with luck and skill, uncovers a murky world where the “will of the people” to exit the European Union is dramatically foiled. To this end, thanks to a romantic encounter in his past, Harry is given a list of foreign agents.

On the list is a high-ranking British government minister as well as one of Harry’s closest friends.

Can he believe the list is genuine? As he wrestles with the web of lies he finds himself at the centre of a battle between rival undercover manipulators intent on corrupting the EU from within.

Just as Harry gets close to the truth he finds his own life threatened from someone he least suspects. – Ray King


Thrills and uncertainty, lies and obfuscation, fury and frustration…that’s the Brexit story as it is fed to us day-to-day by blustering politicians and by journalists trying to make sense of it all.

To the average punter, excitement over the issue tends to be stifled by bafflement over the sheer complexity of what sounded so simple – we just quit, right? Er, no.

David Laws’s fictional day-by-day parallel of Brexit’s progress takes us into a higher realm of political skulduggery, right up to an assassination plot.

Exit Day is a thrilling, perfectly contemporary ‘What if…?’ tale. Conspiracy theorists, form a queue right here.

After a scene-setter in Leipzig at the time of the 1989 collapse of Soviet dominance in eastern Europe, Laws moves to March 2, 2019, 27 days before Brexit. Then follows a chronology of events through to the ticking minutes of March 29 itself and beyond. The shortening gaps between parts of the story tend to engage the reader ever more urgently.

An anti-tank missile blasts the front door of No. 10. Journalist Harry Topp is on to a huge story about a ring of spies plotting to sabotage Exit Day, but he is out of favour after a bust-up with Fleet Street bosses and no one will listen. He finds a pistol in his kitchen. His lover goes missing.

This is a must-read in the run-up to severance (will it really happen?) from our European chums, superbly layered with the excitement missing from the real-life daily record of the Government’s torment over the conflicts and confusion of Brexit.   Read it before March 29. – Steve Wood


Brexit beckons … and so does my edgy new thriller leading to a dramatic cliffhanger

Exit day: Ahead of events…doesn’t take sides but right on the moment…a great story. Look out for the upcoming launch day

This is an ebook. Paperback edition to be published on January 28