She’s a daredevil pilot! Suffragette Charlotte
Dovedale defies a government ban on
women pilots …goes to war… but
finds herself stranded behind enemy lines


She flies an unpredictable aircraft
Few other pilots will touch it…
They call it ‘the Killer Bird’



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A woman’s quest to discover the truth about her grandfather – a fleeting man of the forest who uses his skills as a marksman to put a brake on Hitler’s Holocaust transports

Bradley C. Wilkes, foreign correspondent for an American radio station, disappears from history after trying to stop Hitler going to war. He’s gatecrashed a summit conference held at Munich shortly before the conflict begins to tell British Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain he must not give in to the Nazi leader’s bullying threats.

His reward is to be attacked, posted missing and never heard of again… but his granddaughter, a history graduate from Cambridge, determines to discover the truth. And her trail leads to a forest close to the Auschwitz concentration camp.

PLEASE NOTE: You may have read this novel already… it’s a re-issue of my first novel THE MAN WHO SAID NO!

A good read if you’re a newcomer.

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