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A ragged group of fugitive children are hiding out in a city wilderness in fear of their lives from Gestapo round-ups.

It’s 1940 and their parents have been taken to the concentration camps, but the children have managed to slip away and are sheltering – hungry and desperate – in a disused industrial site in Munich.

Two strangers come together to attempt Mission Impossible; bringing them all out of Germany in the midst of war.

One is a young teacher in the city, the other a British commando with orders to destroy an installation next to the children’s hiding place. He has to decide: follow orders or save the children.

Press story: The author at work, Suffolk Free Press.

(Snapshots from reviews on Amazon for THE FUHRER’S ORPHANS)

Mystery, intrigue, fear of capture and a new invention – what more do you need? – Roger
Emotive and compelling read – Lynndillo
Hooked from the opening pages – Elizabeth
Tension is almost unbearable as it builds to an explosive ending – Tony
Very well written, a thoroughly good read – Maggie
An extraordinary story, well told – Steve
Just wanted more – Karen in the U.S.
The latest – and best – novel from David Laws – Lucky Felix


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  • FREEDOM PASS: Two documents for children to travel - tragically, the top one is marked Cancelled



Book signing on Thursday 22nd October – the day after the novel’s launch, at WHSmith bookshop in Sudbury. Many thanks to all my buyers.

Book signing on Thursday 22nd October

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AUDIO BOOK, Amazon/Audible, pre-order now, release date September 21


Conspiracy, chaos and treachery in the countdown to Brexit on 29 March 2019.

An out-of-favour journalist tracks down a ring of spies bent on sabotaging Exit Day… a senior Minister leaks Cabinet secrets to Brussels…an assassin stalks the Prime Minister.

When an old lover turns up on Harry Topp’s doorstep, she brings with her an explosive “gift”: a list of deeply buried secret agents in Britain. The star name on the list is the Cabinet minister.

Harry is shocked to discover a friend is one of the spies and soon finds himself caught up in a covert war between rival sets of spooks.

Worse still, he’s up against a conspiracy by a group of fanatics, led by a shadowy figure called the Wolf, intent on corrupting the European Union from within.

What Harry doesn’t realise is that while determinedly chasing his story he’s been hatching a cuckoo in the nest.

Of all the undercurrents in the Brexit controversy, this is the one scenario you would never expect.

EXIT DAY is Available from Troubador Publishing and Amazon in paperback £9.99 and ebook 99p.