Emma Drake



American radio correspondent = Bradley C Wilkes of NABC (North American Broadcasting Company)

His granddaughter           – Emma Drake

Her Minder                         – Gerald Erle Roper

Her mother                         – Agnes Drake

Her professor                     – Chadwick

Washington Man               – Lance Scranton

Scholarship                         – she’s a Montagu-Pinckney Scholar

American Matriarch         – The Wilkes Dynasty with father Wilber and sons Wendell and Cyrus

The chameleon: prickly, sometimes a show-off, frequently remote, her real self buried deep, can be persuasive and charming but always fiercely competitive.

This is EMMA DRAKE, 27, an academic with a difference. Feisty, thirsting for thrills and ambitious for success, she’s quick, intelligent, energetic and a problem-solver with fast memory retrieval.

Has a flat in Grafton Street Cambridge but often commutes 30 miles by car to childhood home to see her mother at 24 Orchard Street, Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk.

Appearance: snub nose, slim, tall, blonde, looks good even in charity shop gear.

Role: Completed Phd, now a junior research fellow at St James’s College, Cambridge (just off Trumpington Street) on a scholarship earning 27-35gs a year, researching medieval France. Highly motivated until hits professional setback. Temporary disaffection until gets the new big job.

She’s an enigma, a complete puzzle to the man assigned to support and protect her.

Secret shame, childhood war against brother. Set fire to his car, causing a crash. Complete change to guilt, compensation, friendship. Illegitimate child adopted at birth.

Relationships: with mother, combative within limits; with professor caution; with guardian intolerance gradually changing to acceptance.

Favourite dish, apple crumble, traced from teenage scrumping.

Drinks pints of bitter or whisky and soda, no ice. “Ice is a cheat, it just melts, dilutes the drink and you get less.”

Coffee – black no sugar, insists on a filter, pref. Dow-Egberts, detests instant.

Bad habit: pawing birthmark on neck.

Favourite sound: has an ear for a well-tuned engine, can tell from the tickover if it’s a goer. Been around cars and motorbikes all her life, loves speed, smell of exhaust, leathers and paint. Brother rescues Porsche from scrapheap and rebuilds it for her.

Sporty; shooting, badminton, plays the drums in a rock band.

Item in back pocket: knuckleduster.




France…………..Jean-Francois Girolle

Germany………….Martina Lang

Italy………………Carlo Piccini

United States…….Cyrus Wilkes

Czech R………….Vincenc Tibor

Austria………….Mimi Aschemeyer

Poland…………..Teodor Zdzislaw

Russia…………..Pavel Komov

China……………Cheung Jihai